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Great write-up!

Good to see that Mori Chack is still active. I first met him in the early 2000s, late in the evening in Osaka's Shinsaibashi shopping arcade before Pony Canyon discovered him. All the shops had closed, he was sitting on the ground surrounded by his work.

The usually crowded arcade was almost empty of people but every so often somebody stopped and looked at his work. Like so many others I immediately fell in love with his creations. We started to talk and exchanged contact information.

When I finally got to do an interview with him, Pony Canyon had started promoting Gloomy and his name was slowly becoming well-known outside Japan. I wrote about him on my blog JAPANESE STREETS. My article was also published in publications in Europe and the U.S. The rep at Pony Canyon later told me they got a lot of feedback from these articles. His future seemed bright.

Article on JAPANESE STREETS: https://www.japanesestreets.com/reports/71/gloomy

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